magic genetic engineering rewrites the minds and bodies of the defective progeny of the Manila elite

Generational wealth problems: how can you pass on your fortune when your children are shitheads? Surprise, maybe you’re the shithead. Or everyone’s a shithead!

Despite being a Manileño, I thankfully do not have access to such wealth and thusly spared from the burdens of re-growing my wayward children.

How does one halt the decline that seems to seep in the third, fourth generation? Sixteen, eighteen, twenty years old, and their beloved offspring showed signs of delinquency, addiction, general malaise, rebellion, depression, of all things. They showed poor scholarship. How does one save a child from themselves? Eighteen years of Mandarin lessons, ballet or music, and Catholic school didn’t fix them. The Church and the promise of heaven can’t fix them.

This is a good read for anyone who likes to watch rich people backstab each other and incredible worldbuilding. It really captures that side of Manila and conveys it well to a non-Filipino reader.

My only beef is that the term Manilero is used instead of Manileño. C’mon, Manilero just looks wrong. Or just say Manila elite! But otherwise, it’s a well-crafted story with a lot of ideas to chew on.

I would love to read people’s thoughts on it, especially from other Manileños.