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Websites, resources, and podcasts I recommend. Bringing back the community-sorting ethos of Web 1.0. Last updated 02-18-2023

Speculative Fiction


Fiction Podcasts

Rite Gud

Podside Picnic

Bad Books for Bad People

Books and Writing

Counter Craft Substack

  • substack newsletter for speculative fiction writers
  • Lincoln Michel's substack about the craft of fiction writing and examines widely held assumptions. In his words, "I teach in MFA programs and waste a lot of time on literary twitter, so it seems useful to have a home to better flesh out ideas."

Young People Read Old SFF

Convert Words to Time

Small Web Tools

Resources for other HTML newbs like me. Hell these are linked here for my own reference.

Site Credits

Indie Personal Sites




Gem Is My Name

Mastodon + Other tech


Mastodon List Manager

Awesome Mastodon

Killed by Google

Tech Podcasts


Ten Thousand Posts

Tech Won't Save Us